Luxurious Forest House in Malaysia

Country Side Luxurious Home in Malaysia

Looking over the photos, the magnificent house seems to be located at the country side up the hill in forest with the complete peace around.

Luxurious dinning room view of Malaysia home

Outside look of Malaysia Jungle Home

Home having big Glass window with full of light

Open bed room with natural light and air

Open Balcony in bed room in Malaysia luxury home

Outside look of forest home in Malaysia

Wood flooring in forest home in Malaysia

Open kitchen with wood flooring

This beautiful creation consists of glass and steel all over. Going through it this beautiful and luxurious forest house is surrounded by the beauty of nature, any one would love to reside over! The house symbolizes pure peace with its white interior all over.

Fetching out a little knowledge about interior it is observed that the living room and the dining room of this jungle home, have no separate divisions. Moving out of the living room towards the deck grooving for the coffee you explore extensive look.

Besides steel and glass the flooring is wooden based accompanied by the stairs leading towards bedroom having a single bed with a soft cushion and blanket in a clear space with open balcony were a person may feel stress-free to sleep and relax in a spacious, lovely and airy house.

No one will believe that forest house can have such kind of interior design.

Coming out of the beauty you finally observe the surprising evening view of the house with the bright yellow lights. We must tell you that Choo Gim Wah Architect have done a magnificent job in this home.

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