Burlingame Rustic-Luxurious Mansion

Every millionaire thinks to make unique home for his family. We love to enjoy country life with plenty of luxurious facilities with heavenly ease. Therefore, here is a great project designed by Toby Long Design and Cipriani Studios Design in Burlingame, California.

It is unique idea to set a barbecue grill outside the home where you can enjoy something hot to eat with a nice company of friends and family members. Barbecue grill and fireplace both are adding warmness in body and relationships. The wood ceiling gives it very rustic look.

This luxurious mansion has modular kitchen that makes it very modern and very comfortable to work. Its interior is excellent. Everyone as his or her own dream home can desire this Burlingame luxury home.

Guestroom is completely windy and spacious. Huge glass window fill this room with natural light. Moreover, view outside the balcony is simply lovable. The light effect of this Burlingame house is mind blowing. No doubt, you can enjoy both strong and safe texture of rustic architect and luxurious life of latest technology and fabulous look of modern interior.

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