Brookline Luxury Home

A beautified look of the Brookline, Massachusetts house is breath taking. It is seemed to be located in the centre surrounded by the greenery all around. Atmosphere around brings the peace to this living area. A wonderful design language is put forward by the designer in his simple creation of this Brookline luxury home.

Well on the other hand the glass window allows the owner to feel free and connect to the nature.

Coming towards the living ambience it feels cheerful and lively to reside over as it brings about a brilliant combination of the opaqueness of wood and the transparency of the glass. Besides that it reveals a sight of white sofa set with colourful cushion to make it feel little playful, accompanied by the wooden square shaped table soothing the interior of the house.

The wash room area is wonderfully designed breaking apart in different compartments which run in the flow of the interior with dual combination of wood and glass.

Intimacy of the kitchen area is channelized with the white interior and the wall between is blue coloured so that the glassware is brightly reflected which finally catches the beauty and the yellow led's reflecting the walls. The electronics is fixed within the walls giving out a plain singular look when you glance at the kitchen. Just besides the kitchen area a wooden furnished dinning is placed.

Dawn down to the evening view transparent glass windows reflects the yellow bright light all over. When you stand out and observe your jaw will drop down day dreaming about this beautiful creation.

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