Artistics Shelf for your home furniture of drawing room

If you are looking for some fixed shelf for your home furniture and that should also add some artistic look to your drawing room than your search ends here. These shelf are inspired by the nature and hence this one give a refreshing look to your home and your home furniture.

Designed by Maria Yasko, this one is really some unusual experiment and hence making it more interesting.

Artistics Shelf 1
Artistics Shelf 2
Artistics Shelf 3


Dog containment said...

I must say that this one is the result of great creativity. Also useful, plus cost is also less for this.

I like that tree kind of format thats really looking great and attractive.

Russian Girls said...

Boy these shelf are really attractive and I am sure that this will put extra look to anybody's drawing room.

I simply love them.

Werbemittel said...

I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.

Specially the drawing which they make near the shelf is making them more attractive.

Werbeartikel said...

This is one is showing the perfect creativity and the drawings which they make behind the shelf is simply looking great and making shelf more attractive.

Conservatories Yorkshire said...

This one is simply the great combination of latest technology and creativity.

With such kind of furniture any house can get the fresh and attractive looks.

Simply beautiful ... but I think this should be more widened.

canopy beds said...

Finest creativity I have ever seen.
canopy beds

Stop a Dog Digging said...

Very interesting topic here in your site. Keep on posting this kind of topics. Very useful indeed.

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