Guide to choose suitable Window Curtain

Perfect Window Curtain can make your home more beautiful and attractive. And imperfect match of window curtain can do the reverse as well. So below are some tips before choosing the window curtains –

Colour of Window Curtains – For this segment I think we should go as per the season nature. And as per the season we should choose the window curtain. For season I am taking three seasons importantly – Winter, Summer and Rainy

Window Curtain for winter season – For particularly this season you should select those color which can give warmth to your eyes and warmth feelings to your heart as well. Red, Maroon, Bottle Green are some suitable color example for window curtain in winter season. With this color you can also do some experiments and kept the warmth feelings alive.

Window Curtain in summer season –
This is the season when your eyes looks to relax and you want to get the feelings of cold breeze. For this you should go for light green or sea green, light blue or pink or may be combination of light blue and white can do the magic as well.

Window Curtain in Rainy Season – This time when you just want to enjoy the rains and neither hot and nor cold. So for this season you should use yellow colour with the combination of cream.

Height of Window Curtains – Basically this can be divided as per the area of room and hall.

For Big Room – You should use the lengthy and broad curtain so that your room can look filled up and there is no feeling of empty. Texture of curtain should be big so that it will suit the height and width of the room.

For Small Room –
You should try to use that much area that are essential to use curtain Any extra use of curtain can make look of your room more small and packed. For small room texture should be small.

Fabric of Window Curtain –

  • Before selecting the fabric of curtain you should consider wash as well. No doubt silky curtain look great but they are tough to wash and can give you headache as well.
  • Thickness of Window curtain should be such from which air can easily pass on and you can get the comfortable ventilation.
  • Make sure that fabric won’t shrink after first wash and color should be strong and do not fade in wash.

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