Luxurious Home of Shahrukh Khan

When I saw these photos of Shahrukh Khan I have doubted that these are the photos of Shahrukh Khan's luxurious home Manatt. Because I saw some of his interview and there were no such kind of interior decorations.

But however people keep saying that these are the photos of Shahrukh Khan bungalow, so I am posting these photos for you guys.

Just have a look -

Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT from outside
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT TV Room
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT bathroom
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT

Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT Drawing Room
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT Dinner Table
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT Bed Room
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT second Bed Room
Shahrukh Khan Bungalow MANNAT Swimming Pool


kajal said...

man this is awooosomee too goodd yyaaarr sooo nicee n rich feell god bohot sahi yaarr ek dum mast
shah rukh i love uu man im just crazzyy abot uu

website-promotion-service said...

This is the result of wealth. Really awesome and living like a king.

Who told that India is a poor Country ... I must say that here wealth expansion is not in proper way. If one is billionaire than other citizen of this country is starving to get two time day meals.

Anonymous said...

This house is in Nigeria, and belongs to Nigeria's former military dictator: Ibrahim Babangida.

Anonymous said...


keks said...

true mate its odd& even become more richer & poor become more poorer

nobody think of country ..tey wll think about them self only

sumit said...

who are those mads who are saying this Bunglow is belongs to Shahrukh khan ? Mannat is not reaching near this home's balcony.

Thanx for posting this pictures man but your confusion is totally right but what can we say about some really mad people (even like Kajal ) .......

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