Home Decor tips to cool your home in this summer

Summer is around the corner in Asia ... and I am sure you people have good memory for last summer. Specially in India ... In some part of India because of humidity summer is really a night mare. Those sweated body with smell ... fan was just on to role the electricity bill nothing more than that ... but here are some tips with which you can make your home cool through out the day ...

Free flow of Air

Just keep off those furniture and things which are not in use and give enough space in your house for free flow of Air and can beat the summer as excessive furnishings stop free flow of Air and generate heat. Use white colour or light colour in curtains ... light colour keep off heat from your house and also give you ease at your eyes.

Chatai is the most common thing to use in Summer ... so use light weight chatai ...

Give Cool Touch of Colour

Perfect selection of colour really do wonder in summer ... nice combination of cool colour not only give relax to your eyes but also refresh you ... so be very choosy while using bad sheets, curtain in the summer. Sea Green, Light Blue shades, Light Orange sheds, white are really perfect and refresh you instantly after your whole day hard work ...

Not only colour but the fabric also thin and soft ... more important is thin ness as thick bad sheet generate heat and your family member can have unpleasant sleep.

Use water posters or light sea poster to refresh yourself.

Water with Greenery

If something is in demand in summer that is Water and Greenery ... water really do wonder to keep your home cool and refresh and greenery is imporatant for two reason ... one ... plant always spread positive energy and second green colour is also good for your eyes ... so keep some plants at that place where you wanna to relax ... believe me this will really do wonder ... so use some home plants at the maximum places ...

General Tips

  • Use exhaust fan to keep off heat air from your kitchen and if possible than in room also.
  • Ceiling fan is good as they cicrculate air all around the room and keep room cool
  • Keep your window open ... and if south open then you should never close ... but yes keep curtains down as I already said ... use light colour shades for curtains ..
  • Use CFL bulb as they give more light ... save your electricity bills and also generate less heat
  • If appliances are not in use turn off them ... as computer, iron and television really generate high heat

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Pet Fence said...

I would love to give a try to this in coming summer. Some of these tips are really sounding great and I am sure this will work as well.

Lets see whether this will be applicable for my home or not.

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